Poetry: A Small Boat

A small boat, bobbing on the sapphire ocean

The calm water surface, ceasing its motion

The night sky clear, the water dark

A light amidst the blackness – stark


Silent is the air, but for a distant sound

I hear it from the deck, though it is not loud

Melodiously, it tugs at the heart

A chill then I feel, for we are apart


The wind of yesteryear is gone

Though it had blown, ever so strong

Stranded is my boat, the still sea around

And still hearing nought, but that far off sound


The night is eternal, the dawn is dead

As grey clouds blow in, the moon has fled

The water stirs, the white caps are rising

Doubt and fear, is my conscious comprising


Yet I face this storm with newfound conviction

As I guide my boat through the waves’ constriction

Whilst holding on to the hope of that sound

The warmth it will bring, if it shall be found


Knowing all the while as I fight the sea

No amount of wind, nor power of me

Will bring the boat any closer, to that pure fantasy

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