Poetry: The Tower

New section I’m starting, this came to me suddenly the other night.

I saw a tower on a hill


I do not know when first it appeared

Nor which day it was my eyes fell on the thing

Only that as its temptation neared

I realised the joy its summit could bring


And yet as I climbed the hill on which it stood

Looming magnificently over the wood

It seemed then to be quite far away

A distance not to be made that day


And so, linger did I in the tower’s shadow

As twilight turned to the blue of midnight

And felt the pull of some other temptation grow

A twisted lust that wrenched my heart with might


Was it so bad? I asked myself, wary

To stay within the shadow of the tower on the hill

To live in that dark sanctuary

Slave to my own desires, bound by a force beyond my will


The sun rises, and I see the rays of light

They glint off the circular, walls of stone

The allure of it, brought to my heart by sight

Yet the path, once so clear, is all but gone


Vague now is the way ahead

Lost beneath a sea of leaves

Orange, fallen upon where it weaves

As sky turns from red to black to red


Clearly, I see, the library that lies within

The wealth of knowledge, glimmering

Distantly; the mellifluous voices singing

But on and on withers my skin


I feel the hands, clawing without relent

The hellish cries from below as I’m dragged

Never to fulfil that curious intent

My cognisance, by dint of my pride, is gagged


Blissfully aware, whilst still ignorant

Not ever to lay eyes upon the door

Stuck in the shadow, without having learnt

But I had seen a tower on that hill

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